Mastering global connections through precise lead generation and intercultural expertise.

Decoto Consulting is the bridge for linking businesses from different countries to the U.S. market, while resolving any differences in cross-functional and business-cultural communications. The main functionality of Decoto is connecting heads of sales and heads of tech/product to qualified decision makers whose companies have a use for those products/services.

Who We Serve

Specializing in highly targeted international lead generation, our focus extends to European and Asian companies seeking to establish a strong presence in the U.S. market. We've worked extensively with firms from Austria and Japan, providing them with tailored solutions to navigate the intricacies of the American business landscape.


How We Make a Difference

We specialize in international lead generation for businesses in technical services/products across different countries. We also offer expertise in intercultural communication to prevent misunderstandings and maintain clear expectations during negotiations and partnerships.


Our Vision

The one stop shop for international companies in Europe and Asia wanting to come to the U.S. - whether they need a solid connection for accounting, law, real estate, etc.

Operating in the U.S., we are an extension of our clients, establishing their subsidiaries and/or products/services within the American market. As we do this, we make sure that every party understands how the other does business, especially with regards to etiquette and respect between countries’ different business communication styles.